Date City Venue Alongside
11/26/20 Wildemann, Germany Yogazentrum Harz
11/21/20 Bremerhaven, DE Kunst- und Kulturwerkstatt in Alberts Huus
09/20/20 Höhr-Grenzhausen, Germany Cafe Libre
09/18/20 Leibnitz, Austria Marenzikeller
09/05/20 Berlin, Germany Zimmer 16
12/08/19 Trebbin, Germany Janz Weit Draussen (private house show)
12/07/19 Prague, Czech Republic Balada Bar
12/06/19 Hanau, Germany Hanau A Gogo
12/03/19 Berlin, Germany Madame Claude Berlin
12/02/19 Halle (Salle), Germany Pierre Grasse
12/01/19 Bad Segeberg, Germany Mones Lime Mountain Saloon
11/30/19 Hamburg, Germany Niendorf Beatzzzz (private house show)
11/29/19 Muenster, Germany Heile Welt
11/27/19 Cologne, Germany Sonic Ballroom
11/25/19 Bern, Switzerland Hush Hush
11/24/19 Geneva, Switzerland Urgence Disk Records
11/23/19 Ambérieu-en-Bugey, France Les Triplettes Social Club
11/22/19 Annecy, France Bistro des Tilleuls
11/21/19 Lyon, France La Commune
11/20/19 Cailhau, France A’kotee
11/18/19 Angoulême, France Pepper Stage Intimate Show
11/17/19 Lauzerte, France Le Puits du Jour
11/16/19 Toulouse, France L'évasion Bar
11/15/19 Marseille, France L'Intermediaire Live
11/14/19 Marvejols, France Sillon Lauze
11/12/19 Zaragoza, Spain La Boveda del Albergue
11/10/19 Santander, Spain Rockbeer The New
11/09/19 Vitoria-Gasteiz, Spain Ardo Ona
11/08/19 Sopela, Spain La Atalaia del Gardoki
11/07/19 Bilbao, Spain Coppola Bilbao
11/06/19 Carcassonne, France Plugg'D
11/05/19 Pré-En-Pail, France Le Comptoir
11/04/19 Querrien, France Collectif Tomahawk
11/03/19 Caen, France Portobello Rock Club
11/02/19 Grandcamp-Maisy, France Bar Back Grillades
11/01/19 Paris, France La Pointe Lafayette
10/31/19 Saint-Étienne, France Disorder Club
10/30/19 Milan, Italy Madama Hostel and Bistrot
10/29/19 Monte San Vito, Italy La Centilena
10/27/19 Treviso, Italy Dump
10/26/19 Morrovalle, Italy Drunk In Public
10/25/19 Fragagnano, Italy Osteria Jazz Club Quattro Venti
10/24/19 Massafra, Italy History Cafe
10/23/19 Martina Franca, Italy Caffe Letterario Undercover
10/21/19 Bari, Italy Noise
10/20/19 Ravenna, Italy Circolo Abajur
10/19/19 Rome, Italy (Montecelio) Golden Pot Pub
10/18/19 Erba, Italy Centrale Rock Pub
10/17/19 Noale (Venice), Italy Lighthouse Pub
10/16/19 Basel, Switzerland Lodge 79
10/15/19 Lucerne, Switzerland The Phrontistery
10/14/19 Wiesbaden, Germany Der Weinländer
10/12/19 Prague, Czech Republic Kyklop
10/11/19 Kutna Hora, Czech Republic Klub Česká 1
10/10/19 Vienna, Austria Fania Live
10/08/19 Prague, Czech Republic Kasárna Karlín
10/07/19 Berlin, Germany Göttin der Weisheit
10/06/19 Dießen am Ammersee, Germany Die Goldammer
10/05/19 Munich, Germany Glockenbachwerkstatt
10/04/19 Nalbach, Germany Stage Rockbar
10/03/19 Lucerne, Switzerland Raviolibar
10/02/19 Kronach, Germany Galerie Ambiente
10/01/19 Mansfeld-Südharz, Germany Wassermühle Röblingen am See
09/29/19 Wetzlar, Germany Cafe Vinyl
09/28/19 Fritzlar, Germany Cafe Hahn
09/27/19 Stuttgart, Germany Laboratorium
09/26/19 Schorndorf, Germany Das Éclat
09/25/19 Marburg, Germany Q Marburg
09/24/19 Haldern, Germany Haldern Pop Bar
09/22/19 Frankfurt, Germany Mampf
09/21/19 Mannheim, Germany Geschichtswerkstaat Altes Volksbad
09/20/19 Leipzig, Germany Absintherie Sixtina
09/19/19 Osnabrück, Germany Lagerhalle
09/06/19 Austin, TX Far Out Lounge with Josh T Pearson and Conrad Keely (...and you will know us by the Trail of Dead)
03/17/19 Austin, TX Continental Club SXSW - David Garza & Friends - Benefiting SIMS Foundation
03/14/19 Austin, TX Cosmic Coffee + Beer Garden SXSW - supporting David Garza
02/24/19 Mesilla, NM NM Vintage Wines
02/23/19 Albuquerque, NM Red Door Brewing
02/22/19 Amarillo, TX Chalice Abbey
02/07/19 Berlin, Germany Travolta
02/06/19 Leipzig, Germany Post Office Leipzig
02/04/19 Bern, Switzerland Voodoo Rhythm Hardware Store
02/03/19 Enkirch, Germany Tom's Musik Keller
02/02/19 Offenbach am Main, Germany Hafen 2
02/01/19 Chemnitz, Germany Aaltra
01/31/19 Cologne, Germany Artheater with Lejana
01/30/19 Marburg, Germany Q - Marburg with Lejana
01/29/19 Munich, Germany Glockenbachwerkstatt
01/28/19 Mannheim, Germany Geschichtswerkstatt Altes Volksbad
01/27/19 Bad Segeberg, Germany Mones Lime Mountain Saloon
01/26/19 Leipzig, Germany Absintherie Sixtina
01/24/19 Berlin, Germany Artliners Berlin
01/23/19 Frankfurt, Germany Mampf
01/22/19 Bad Iburg, Germany Muehle Der Freundschaft
01/21/19 Essen, Germany Kunsthaus Essen
01/20/19 Fritzlar, Germany Cafe Hahn
01/19/19 Wetzlar, Germany Salon Mimi
01/18/19 Berlin, Germany Wiener Blut
01/17/19 Berlin, Germany Dodo
01/07/19 El Paso, TX Love Buzz
01/06/19 Tucson, AZ Exo Roast Co.
01/04/19 Phoenix, AZ Lost Leaf
12/29/18 Pasadena, CA Jam In The Van / Live On The Green
12/27/18 Carlsbad, CA Hennessey's Tavern
12/26/18 Costa Mesa, CA Casa
12/21/18 San Diego, CA The Back Drop
12/20/18 Los Angeles, CA The Redwood Bar
12/16/18 Anaheim, CA World Famous Doll Hut
12/08/18 Lancaster, CA The Britisher
12/07/18 San Diego, CA Black Cat Bar with Roger! and Jesse Nova and the Second Line
12/06/18 Culver City, CA Cinema Bar opening and accompanying Javier Escovedo and supporting LP3 and the Tragedy
12/01/18 San Diego, CA City Pub with Roger!
11/30/18 Upland, CA Black Watch Pub with Roger!
11/29/18 Long Beach, CA Pike Restaurant and Bar
11/27/18 San Diego, CA The Merrow opening and accompanying Javier Escovedo
11/23/18 Vista, CA Aztec Brewing Company
11/16/18 Los Angeles, CA Love Song Bar opening and accompanying Javier Escovedo
11/15/18 Carlsbad, CA Hennessey's Tavern
11/11/18 Phoenix, AZ Lost Leaf
11/09/18 Tucson, AZ Exo Roast Co.
11/04/18 El Paso, TX Love Buzz
11/03/18 Mesilla, NM NM Vintage Wines
10/25/18 San Antonio, TX Low Country
10/18/18 Austin, TX Skull Mechanix Brewing with Midwest Monster
07/07/18 Austin, TX Dan's Mosaic Sound Collective with Arthur Brown (The God Of Hell Fire)
07/30/17 Boston, MA Tavern At The End Of The World
07/26/17 Bristol, CT Bleachers
07/25/17 Springfield, PA Red Iron Pub
07/23/17 Philadelphia, PA Kung Fu Necktie
07/22/17 Hammonton, NJ Monica and Rodney's
07/21/17 Collingswood, NJ Grooveground
07/20/17 Ewing, NJ 1867 Sanctuary Arts Center
07/19/17 Brooklyn, NY Bushwick Public House
07/15/17 Wadsworth, OH Sonnets
07/14/17 Lakewood, OH Root Cafe
07/13/17 Cleveland Heights, OH Quintana's Barber and Dream Spa
07/12/17 Columbus, OH Spacebar
07/11/17 Dayton, OH Southpark Tavern
07/10/17 Cincinnati, OH Northside Yacht Club
07/09/17 Louisville, KY Mag Bar
07/08/17 Indianapolis, IN Pioneer
07/06/17 Chicago, IL Moe's Tavern
07/05/17 Chicago, IL Uncommon Ground (Edgewater)
07/04/17 Chicago, IL Pop Up 4th House Show
07/01/17 Mequon, WI Laura's DBC
06/30/17 Madison, WI The Wisco
06/29/17 Milwaukee, WI Frank's Power Plant
06/28/17 Green Bay, WI Chefusion and Fusion Lounge
06/27/17 Appleton, WI Spats
06/25/17 Duluth, MN Barrel Room at Fitgers
06/24/17 Oak Lake, MN Oak Lake Campground
06/23/17 Minneapolis, MN Underground Music Cafe
06/21/17 Minneapolis, MN Driftwood Char Bar
06/20/17 Cedar Rapids, IA Vineria Wine Shop
06/17/17 Lawrence, KS Frank's North Star Tavern
06/16/17 Lawrence, KS Replay Lounge
06/15/17 Jackson, MO Stooges
06/14/17 Cape Girardeau, MO Underberg House Concert
06/13/17 Paducah, KY Dry Ground Brewing
06/11/17 Nashville, TN The Crying Wolf
06/10/17 Nashville, TN Tennessee Brew Works
06/08/17 Birmingham, AL Moonlight on the Mountain
06/07/17 Memphis, TN Cafe Eclectic (Midtown)
06/04/17 New Orleans, LA Siberia
06/03/17 Lake Charles, LA Luna Live
06/02/17 Baton Rouge, LA Dyson House Listening Room
06/01/17 Lafayette, LA Artmosphere
05/31/17 Houston, TX Super Happy Fun Land
05/28/17 San Antonio, TX Gold Bar
05/26/17 Austin, TX Letsbevy House Show
05/23/17 El Paso, TX Love Buzz
05/18/17 Tucson, AZ Loudhouse
04/16/17 Austin, TX Mohawk celebration for Chris and Amy Casillas
11/14/16 Tucson, Arizona 191 Toole Opening and accompanying Johnette Napolitano
11/13/16 Hollywood, CA Hotel Cafe Opening and accompanying Johnette Napolitano
11/11/16 San Diego, California The Office Accompanying Johnette Napolitano ~ San Diego Music Thing Festival
06/21/16 Lubbock, Texas Depot Obar
06/20/16 Madrid, New Mexico Mine Shaft Tavern
06/19/16 Evergreen, Colorado Cactus Jacks
06/18/16 Tabernash, Colorado Devil's Thumb Ranch (Heck's Tavern)
06/17/16 Colorado Springs, Colorado Jives Coffee Lounge (South Location)
06/16/16 Albuquerque, New Mexico Rio Bravo Brewing
06/15/16 Amarillo, Texas The 806
05/20/16 San Antonio, Texas 502 Bar w/ The March Divide
05/08/16 Austin, Texas Hole In The Wall w/ The Peasant Moon (Sydney, AU)
04/26/16 El Paso, Texas Love Buzz
04/24/16 Joshua Tree, California Joshua Tree Saloon (Afternoon Show)
04/23/16 Joshua Tree, California Joshua Tree Saloon (Evening Show)
04/22/16 Phoenix, Arizona Third Space
03/19/16 Austin, Texas (SXSW) Whisler's SXSW 2016 w/ too many to name
12/11/15 Bad Iburg, Germany Mühle der Freundschaft (Studio Show) on tour with The Black Market III
12/10/15 Wetzlar, Germany Cafe Vinyl on tour with The Black Market III
12/09/15 Liège, Belgium Blues-Sphere on tour with The Black Market III
12/07/15 Frankfurt, Germany Orange Peel on tour with The Black Market III
12/06/15 Haarlem, Netherlands Cafe Briljant with Black Market III
12/05/15 Middelburg, Netherlands Kaffee 't Hof on tour with The Black Market III
12/03/15 Arras, France Blue Devils on tour with The Black Market III
12/02/15 Paris, France Pop In on tour with The Black Market III
12/01/15 Saint-Étienne, France Thunderbird Lounge on tour with The Black Market III
11/30/15 Stans, Switzerland Private Recording Studio Show on tour with The Black Market III
11/29/15 Montebelluna, Italy Mattorosso on tour with The Black Market III
11/28/15 Munich, Germany Music Cafe WeyHalla on tour with The Black Market III
11/27/15 Obing, Germany Zur Post on tour with The Black Market III
11/26/15 Vienna, Austria Jetzt Club on tour with The Black Market III
11/25/15 Prague, Czech Republic Klub Rybanaruby on tour with The Black Market III
11/24/15 Kutná Hora, Czech Republic Klub Česká 1 on tour with The Black Market III
11/22/15 Frankfurt, Germany (Friedrichsdorf) Garniers Keller on tour with The Black Market III
11/21/15 Lübeck, Germany (Bad Segeberg) Café Coma on tour with The Black Market III
11/20/15 Berlin, Germany White Trash Fast Food on tour with The Black Market III
11/19/15 Berlin, Germany Wiener Blut on tour with The Black Market III
10/30/15 Austin, Texas Private House Show The Ripe, Dave Wolfe and the 12 Steps to Danger, + others