We've got a couple more shows in Austin during South By Southwest. We will be returning to Europe in September. Dates are being posted.

Below is an interview we did with Jenny Inzerillo of HPPR. We hope you enjoy it.

HPPR Interview with The Division Men

Posted: Feb 26, 2019

We'd like to start by saying "thank you" for coming out to our Southern California, Arizona and Texas shows. We had an amazing time laying low and performing. Accompanying Javier Escovedo was incredible and uplifting. Thank you Ernie, Ashley and Abby for having us at Foxtail Studios the entire time.

We ended the year off with a taping with Jam In The Van. It's been a long time coming (2 years) but we were finally able to cross paths. Performances will be uploaded soon.

We're excited to be returning to Europe. We've got 20 shows with 2 days off. It's going to be a blast.

We're also going to be returning to Austin, Texas for South By Southwest. Dates posted soon. See you on the road!

XOXO ~ J and C

Posted: Jan 06, 2019

Posted: Oct 12, 2018

We couldn't have done it without our friends.

Rafael Gayol is a true time keeper and master of the drums. He graced the stage with Leonard Cohen for 10+ years and graced the stage with Caroline, Tito and Stevie for many years as well. There is a long list of others he has performed with but we can't list every accomplishment. Thank you Rafael. You are a true friend and companion and we hope to see you very soon.

Javier Escovedo is known to many as the leader of the Zero's from Chula Vista. He has graced this stage with his brother Alejandro Escovedo in True Believers and also has recorded under Javier Escovedo and the City Lights. Great albums and great song writing that keep me always going back for more. Its a true pleasure to have him along for the ride and also for so many wonderful dinners. The stories will remain in our hearts for a long time.

Jake Garcia is currently all over the world with the Black Angels. It was on honor to have him all over In Divide. He also fronts a band called The Ripe from Austin, Texas, which are a true talent and joy to listen to. Thank you Jake and godspeed my friend.

Jay Reynolds is usually traveling with Ray Benson and Asleep at the Wheel. He also just released incredible music under the name MacReady. This gentleman can play just about any instrument and play them incredibly well indeed. Truly a treat and an honor to call you our friend.

Steven Hufsteter has performed with so many famous musicians that it would probably make your mind spin. He has also written a body of work that will remain in my heart forever. I met Steven in Berlin in 2008 and I'm so happy to say that he's been so supportive and a true inspiration to the music and its delivery. To perform on the same album together has been inspiring and unforgettable.

Mitch Hertz helped form the Division Men in Berlin in 2007. He is without a doubt the best guitar player I have ever performed with. This gentleman from Sydney, Australia is a genius and incredible composer. What he played on "Always" will give you chills and lift your spirit to another level. I truly hope we share the stage together soon.

Raiye Rippy is Caroline's beautiful sister that lives in Hawaii. She joined us on the "Under the Gun" album and brought forth a piano sound and song that reflected on both of our hearts. It is a blessing to have her along for the ride this time as well. She is all over the song "Fall" and "Ninos Del Sol." See you soon Sister.

Mike Major has been recording albums since many of us were barely learning how to play our instruments. Mike has always had an ear for music and a detail that not too many can pick up on. Thank you for your direction, advice and hard work Mike. The last time we worked together was in 1996. Let's hope we can do it again.

Rodney Ibarra helped create the stunning calligraphy design on the front of the record. Rodney has been writing and drawing since I first met him in my teens. It's just wonderful to see your friends succeed in what they do best and having Rodney's talent all over the album is a blessing.

Casey Chumbley was able to capture something that many people struggle for a lifetime. The ability to find the angle, color and direction in one shot is something that we will hold dear for a lifetime. Thank you Casey and thank you for your love, support and direction.

Please share this album with anyone you feel would enjoy it's moment and story. Continue to share these moments with your friends and continue to embrace each other's talents. Together we won't feel so divided and we'll find a place for each of us within our hearts.

J and C


Our Album is out today. It took us quite a long time to finish it. We hope it finds a place in your heart as it does ours. Here are some of the available links:






Posted: Apr 20, 2018

We're accepting Pre-Orders. Email us at for info on how to get it early. Yes...early.

Posted: Mar 21, 2018